Dog Bow Ties

The best  dog bow ties in 2019 handmade by Dudiedog Bandanas. No.1 for pet accessories

Yes, we make lovely Dudie dog bow ties too! Super-smart and beautifully made, these high quality pet accessories are available in 5 sizes and 2 attachment styles, so there's a bow tie to suit every Dudiedog. One attaches firmly to your dog's collar with 2 velcro strips, and the second option is supplied with a made-to-measure matching neckband that fastens with velcro.

We ALWAYS make sure that the important part of the fabric design is in the centre part of the bow tie, the correct way up! 

Teeny Tiny    3 inches (75mm) wide
Small            4 inches (100mm) wide
Medium        5 inches (125mm) wide
Large            6 inches (150mm) wide

Giant             8 inches (204mm) wide 

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